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Indigo Splash Jug

Indigo Splash Jug

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The creators of Casa Verde have a long association with a small family-run atelier in a village and together over the years, they have developed a Terracotta collection that draws its inspiration from a mix of Vintage styles from all around the Mediterranean. All the Pots in this collection are completely hand-made and so therefore they are completely rustic in style and where small imperfections are all part of the charm and character. This gives a story to each piece - a hint of a romantic past if you like.
Splash of color collection draws its roots from the distinctive splatter-ware, which dates back hundreds of years. There are just a few remaining small Ceramic workshops in Southern Italy who carry on the tradition.Will look just perfect with flowers or greens.Terracotta with a crackle finish on the exterior.Painted inside in a casual way to reflect part of the hand crafted nature of the products.

Dimensions: 7" W x 6" D x 9" H
Material: Terracotta

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