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NozzieRoll Sinus Massager

NozzieRoll Sinus Massager

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NozzieRoll Sinus Massager is a simple tool to help with daily sinus discomfort, blood circulation, and releasing muscle tension. Flexible spinning dual heads allow for even pressure distribution.

Slowly pull the massager with the dual heads downward along the sides of the nose to clear congestion and tension.
Including one stainless steel roller ball at the end of the handle. Briefly roll the steel ball in the palm to warm it up. Using roller ball gently apply pressure above your eye brow, under you eyes, either side of your nose bridge and the philtrum area under the nose.

You can also use the steel ball to massage pressure point on your temple or wrist with essential oil.

*Assorted: colors may vary depending on the availability

• Made in China

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